Pre Congress Workshops

Imagery Rescripting as a Transdiagnostic Treatment for Traumatic and Other Adverse Experiences

- Arnoud Arntz

The Prevention of Self-Harm in Adolescents

- Paul Stallard Workshop Abstract

Clinical Functional Analysis

- Niklas Törneke

Empowering Parents to Help Their Children Overcome Anxiety Problems

- Cathy Creswell, Chloe Chessell Workshop Abstract

Clinical Depression: Integrating Key Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions

- Keith Dobson Workshop Abstract

Treating Hoarding Disorder

- Satwant Singh Workshop Abstract

Metacognitive Therapy for Rumination and Depression

- Costas Papageorgiou Workshop Abstract

CBASP for the treatment of persistent depressive disorder - an clinical skills workshop

- Philipp Klein Workshop Abstract

Cognitive Therapy for Posttraumatic stress Disorder

- Anke Ehlers Workshop Abstract

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis: A Formulation Based Approach

- Tony Morrison Workshop Abstract

Reversing the damage caused by OCD: Empowering people with OCD to choose to change in order to reclaim their life.

- Paul Salkovskis Workshop Abstract

Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

- David M. Clark Workshop Abstract

In Congress Workshops

Metacognitive Training: Practical Applications for Psychosis, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder

- Rabea Fischer Workshop Abstract

Continuing With Life and Continuing Bonds: Cognitive Grief Therapy Following Traumatic Bereavement

- Ruth Malkinson Workshop Abstract

Positive CBT From Reducing Distress to Building Success

- Fredrike Bannink Workshop Abstract

CBASP for Co-Occurring Persistent Depression and Alcohol Use Disorders

- J. Kim Penberthy Workshop Abstract

Rational Relationships: Tough Minded Love for Tender Hearted Sweethearts

Chrysoula Kostogiannis Workshop Abstract

Treating Obsessions: Where Research Meets Innovation

- David A. Clark

Overcoming Difficulties in Treating OCD

- Christine Purdon
Workshop Abstract

CBT for Challenging Problems

- Judith Beck