Frequently Asked Questions

You can make your registration through the ‘Registration Form’ on the congress website.
You can query your registration process from the 'Online Registration' field on the congress website.
You can get your certificate from the website when the congress has been finished.
You can send your invoice requests to before the congress with details; Name-Surname, ID no / Invoice address.

* For payments made by money transfer, you must send your receipt after the payment by writing an explanation about the content of your payment (such as congress name, for whom and for what service ..) to

* Installments for credit card payments are only valid for İş Bank credit cards. Mark "No Installment" on other cards.
After the abstracts are approved by the board, the acceptance letters are automatically will be sent to the e-mail address that who uploaded the abstract to the system. Other authors who need the acceptance letter can obtain from the person who uploaded the abstract to the system.
You can submit your request from the ‘Contact’ section by logging in to the abstract submission system on the congress website.